Welcome to Cavanaghs of Fermoy, Main Ford Dealer

Cavanaghs of Fermoy was founded in 1919 by Mr. Tom Cavanagh. In its formative years the company catered for the needs of the southern motorist in its various facets and it was not until 1938 that the company was appointed a Ford Dealer, a franchise it holds to this day 76 years later.

The running of  the company was assumed by Tom Cavanaghs son, also Tom in 1958, and although now retired from business, he still takes a keen interest in all aspects of the Irish Motor Industry in general and in Cavanaghs in particular.

New Holland Farm Machinery franchise was granted in 1984 and is now responsible for a significant portion of the company's  business.

In total Cavanaghs of Fermoy employ 29 people in 2014, six of these employees together accounting for in excess of 210 years service, all in all, a great company, a great employer and a great asset to the community it serves.