Customer advice on starting car after long idle period


Please follow the below device before starting your car again:

Once a week a customer should:

  1. Ensure car is adequately fuelled
  2. Check engines oil, coolant, powered steering and brake fluid levels – if a customer is unsure of procedure they should contact us
  3. Start the vehicle and run for c. 15 minutes to ensure battery is topped up, the engine is running smoothly and the internals of the engine remain lubricated. (switch of auto start / stop if your car has this facility – the car automatically switch back when you next restart)
  4. Once the vehicle is running smoothly:
    1. Open all ventilation vents and run the blowers (or set A/C) at max for a few minutes;
    2. Activate your windscreen wipers and washers for a few seconds
    3. Open and close all windows
    4. Release the handbrake, drive the car back & forth a few meters to ensure brakes are not sticking
    5. Park the vehicle again in 1st gear (or Park in an automatic) & reengage the handbrake;
    6. Switch off the engine (but do not rev the engine in the process); 
    7. Repeat weekly if car not being driven.
  5. Do not park your vehicle near or under foliage – check for lime or bird droppings on the paintwork. Remove ASAP as these will burn into the paintwork. Try to avoid exposure to direct sunlight.


  • Do not do the above in an enclosed space as emissions will need to ventilate away from the car in a safe manner
  • Ensure when moving the vehicle that there are no persons or objects in your patch and it is safe to manoeuvre your vehicle
  • Ensure you stay in your vehicle while it is running for safety and security reasons
  • Should any issue occur during this procedure, witch of the vehicle immediately and refer to the cars handbook or contact us (or the AA)

Get in contact with us if you have any questions about the above. 

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