The confusion and reality over electric vehicles


The Irish times published an article about the confusion and reality of electric vehicles, taking Neil Connolly's view into account. 

Neil Connolly of the Connolly Motor Group gave his verdict about the current market and the electric ranges. 

The article outlines the current position of electric vehicles in the automobile market and the difficulties consumers are facing. Location and average distance covered would not normally play a role when purchasing a vehicle, but these factors are very important when it comes to electric vehicles. Family and required size of the vehicle are further attribitues that can limit your options. Neil Connolly states that the current range of electric vehicles, is too limited, making it harder to sell the models that are available. 

When checking with Germany, the heart of European car manufacturing, we can hear that the range issue will soon be resolved, but more mainstream models will not be available until 2027-2028.

Neil Connolly believes that in the current state, Ireland needs a more multi-faceted solution when it comes to going greener and increasing the number of electric vehicles on the road. 

Ireland is hoping to eliminate internal combustion engines by 2040, which can be summed up as "1 million electric vehicles by 2030."

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